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Nurse Application Letter

Ms. Agrata Giridhara Lloyds Road, Chennai – 600 086 April 6, 2011 Mr. Razak Choudhari Human Resources Officer Chennai Hospital Rajah Annamalaipuram, Chennai – 600 028 Dear Mr. Choudhari, I read your announcement on you website that you are currently seeking to fill a vacant position for nurse.  I believe I am highly qualified for […]

Cover Letter Download

Name(s) Title Address(s) of organization Date Dear (Applicable Title) Following your advertisement for (write the vacant position that was advertised in the………; alternatively, you can give the reason you are making an application plus the position you are interested in). I have qualifications in …. (Showcase your qualifications, attributes, skill set and relevant experience if any). […]

Fax Application Cover Letter

Mr. Adesh Varma Gurudwara Road, Shaheed Ngrxing Agra Mr. Paranjay Shukla Human Resources Officer India Weekly 5th Main Mahalakshmi Bangalore Fax No#: 453678909 Dear Mr. Shukla, I am sending this letter in response to your advertisement published in the India Daily newspaper recently.  I would like to apply for your vacant position of news reporter […]