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Request to cease sending mlm material

I know a multi-level marketing scheme when I see it. Your offer of <MLM offer> sounds attractive, but this kind of dubious business is something I don’t care to participate in. Please count me out and stop sending me information about it. If you have any information about legitimate business or investment opportunities, feel free […]

Proposal Letter To Company

August 10, 2010 SAP Group, Cape Town, 59162- Collos. Hello sir, As per your requirement we are sending the proposal to you. We shall prepare 1500 new generation books for publication by you, combining materials from different ABC series to form a new series targeting the present market. The cost of production of this new […]

Short Sale Authorization Letter

Mr. Danny Graham General Manager- Sales 1239, South Plaza, New York, America Dear Mr. Graham, We are sending you this authorization and seek your approval for short sales planned by Smith marketing & selling Pvt. Ltd. As you are aware, our company Smith marketing & selling is one of the oldest agent of Woodland Pvt. […]

Agreement on Consulting Services

1. WebSeig Consulting (hereafter called Contractor) agrees to give the following products and services to Yell Media Works (hereafter called Client): A. Information gathering: Contractor can review the relevant information compiled by the Client: 1. information on the records of attendance of previous events 2. samples of the past promotional pieces or timely press coverage […]

Decline of Venture Offer

Dear Thank you for sending me the information on (name of venture) While I found the concept interesting, I am reluctant to become involved in any venture that would require my absence from the firm for an extended period of time. I am returning your material under separate cover and wish you the best of […]