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Resignation letter notice

To Mr. James King, CEO, Sigma Industries, Nebraska Dear Mr. King, It has been a pleasure working with your industry for the past four years. I have gained valuable exposure and experience under the guidance of seniors working in the company. I regret to inform to you that I might be considering leaving the company. […]

Copy of Resignation Letter

5 July 2007 Dear Sir: RE: RESIGNATION Kindly accept my letter as a formal notice of my leaving the position I hold at BeeSee’s Holiday Resort. I will be leaving on August 6, 2007. I have accepted a new position at HolidayInn Resorts and Clubs. The opportunities and experiences that I received working in this […]

Goodbye Letter To Colleague

February 19, 2011 Mr. Nirmit Kanive Sales Staff Best Equipment, Inc. Dear Mr. Kanive, I will be leaving the company soon and I find it only proper to say goodbyeto you as one of my closest colleagues at work.  My family will be relocating to Hyderabad next month and I must leave my work at the company, a […]

Goodbye Farewell Letter

5th July, 2010 To, Coworkers / Friends KLN Inc, Sky Arch St. Louise,MI-6509 Dear Friends: As many of you know that I have accepted new position in London with BP Inc, hence will be leaving in two weeks time. I request every one of this company to please consider this letter as my sincere and […]

Manager Goodbye Letter

20th May, 2007. Dear Team, It has been ten years since I took up the position as manager of this company. Through it all you have given me your full cooperation and support. Through your diligence and hard work we have been able to place the company at the top of the market. I thank […]