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Sample Accounting Manager (Funds) Resume

ACCOUNTING MANAGER (Funds) In the sample accounting manager (funds) resume use of dollar figures and percentages lend weight to the resume by emphasizing accomplishments and consistent verb tense makes for easy reading.   Jerry Wills 253, Ellis Street Phoenix, Arizona 01234 (123) 678 344. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY 1990 to Present BNC National Bank, Phoenix, AZ. Accounting […]

Complaint Letter to Bank

From: Emily Swan 345, Main Street New Jersey To: Thomas Martin Manager Money Bank Ltd. High Street New Jersey 24th July, 2007. Ref: Account Number 12345678 Dear Mr. Martin, This is with reference to my Account Number 12345678, which has been unduly debited with $ 49 as processing fee, for an overseas transaction. I was […]

Bank Statement Letter Format

To, (Name of Recipient) (Designation of Recipient) (Name of the Bank) (Name of the Branch) (Address of the Bank) Date: –/–/—- Subject: [State the reasons of this application briefly] Dear [Designation and Name of Recipient], First Paragraph: In the first paragraph, you have to state why you need the bank statement and when. Your reason […]

Statement of Account Letter

22nd march 2010 Mark Williams New Jersey Dear Mr. Williams, This is a statement of account letter for your account at our bank, New Line Bank. We have included your opening balance, your balance left in the account as well as the amount spent during various transactions. This letter is a mere formality to ensure […]

Statement Letter for School

7th January 2011 The Bank Manager, National Bank of Georgia, Adel, Georgia-423895, Respected Sir, I wish to open a savings  account in your bank and having gone through the requisite formalities that I have to complete I am writing this statement letter to you in order to provide you with my age proof for the […]