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Academic Counselor Resume Cover Letter

A sample cover letter for academic counselor job. Given below is a sample academic counselor resume cover letter. If you are applying for a academic counselor job, don’t forget to send such cover letter with it. MARTHA KLINGMAN 123, Park evenue Boston, MA, 02123 (123) 456-7890 September 23rd 2008 Ms. Sally Cook Zeus University 179, […]

Good Letter of Recommendation

It always helps if you can get a good recommendation letter because it benefits the application process and you stand a good chance of making it. Prefer to get this from someone who knows you sufficiently well and always ask him in person. Take these letters from your teachers/professors if you want a letter for […]

Leave Letter to Teacher

July 22, 2010. Ms.Daisy Smith, Wellington National High School, New York. Dear Daisy, My ward, Ben olive, of 5th standard, studying in your school, bearing the roll number 16708037 could not attend the classes from 6th July to 21 July 2010, as he was suffering from fever and chicken pox. My family doctor has advised […]

School Leave Application

Linda Martin, Roll 12, Grade XII 18 September 2006 To Mr. Ronald Lee, Class Teacher, Alaska International School, Alaska Dear Mr. Lee, I am Linda Martin and am a student of grade XII. I was sick yesterday with running temperature and stomach upset. I could not attend school for the same reason. I understand that […]

Parental Leave Letter

To Mrs. Clara Richards, Class Teacher, Upper Grand District School, West Virginia. Dear Mrs. Richards, I am Christopher Young, the father of Gary Young studying in grade III from your school. The purpose of writing this letter is to intimate that yesterday i.e., 13 March, Gary met with an accident at crèche while playing with […]