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Notice of Return of Goods Sold on Approval

NOTICE OF RETURN OF GOODS SOLD ON APPROVAL Date: _ To: _ (Supplier) The undersigned hereby returns to you the goods purchased from you on approval on _, 20_; said goods consisting of: (Describe) _ Very truly, ______________________ Download Notice of Return of Goods Sold on Approval in Word Format Top Sample Letters terms:letter to […]

Notice of Rejection of Goods

NOTICE OF REJECTION OF GOODS Date: _ To: _ (Supplier) We received goods from you pursuant to our order or contract dated _, 20_. We hereby reject said goods for the reason(s) checked below: __ Goods were not delivered within required time. __ Goods were defective as described on reverse side. __ Goods were non-conforming […]

Notice of Non-Conforming Goods

NOTICE OF NON-CONFORMING GOODS Date: _ To: _ (Supplier) We are in receipt of certain goods recently shipped to us under the attached invoices. Certain goods as shipped do not conform to specification or sample in the following particulars: (Describe or attach) _ Accordingly, we hereby reject said non-conforming goods and demand issue of credit […]

Notice of Error in Shipment and Request for Return Authorization

Dear This is to acknowledge the receipt of the above referenced order and to inform you that there is an error in the shipment. The merchandise I ordered was (specify) , while the merchandise I received is (specify) . Upon receiving your instructions for the return of goods, I will send same to you. I […]

Notice of Defective Goods

NOTICE OF DEFECTIVE GOODS Date: _ To: _ (Supplier) We are in receipt of merchandise shipped to us pursuant to your invoice or order number (_), dated _, 20_. Certain goods as listed on the attached sheet are defective for the following reasons: (Describe) _ Accordingly, we reject said defective goods, demand credit or adjustment […]