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Retirement Letter Format

Name of the Client Designation Company’s name Dear MR/MS/MRS (name), This first paragraph contains only the motive of your retirement including your current designation, name of your organization and date of your retirement.  It should be clearly written without zero error to avoid any confusion. The second paragraph is about your tenure in which you […]

Legal Business Memo

16.04.2008 To, Sebastian Luth, CEO We2 Enterprises Washington DC From, Thomas Marcos, Client Relationship Manager Three Star Consultants Subject: The Law Notice on the Case of Undeceived Payments Mr. Luth I am writing this memo as a notice for the payment balance of $30,000 that our company was supposes to receive on 01.02.2008. However, as […]

Legal Memo Template

To, Lily Peterson Chief of Back and White Attorneys California, US – 367496 From, Sam Jacob Assistant Prosecutor 11.10.2010 Subject: Discussion on the Case of Fred Hatman Mr. Fred Hatman was accused for stealing computers from the Clear Water technologies. The case is under investigation and we were able to collect some information on Fred. […]

Legal Memo Format

To, Graduate Council Authority From, Jane Sebastian Department of the Pharmaceutical Law September 5, 2008 Subject: Discussion on the problems of ULM courses After a detailed review of pharmaceutics courses offered by the science department, the management has found some issues. As the case charged by the students on the faculty of the courses, we […]

Sample Legal Office Memo

To, Distribution From, Patrick Johnson Subject: Law regarding the liability injuries caused by the contractors. This memorandum acts as a notice about the new law that is going to be in effect on 01.01.2010 in the organization. The management would like to inform abut the research and discussions done of the contractors responsible for the […]