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Change of Address Awaiting Refund

Dear Your correspondence, dated April 15, 2006 indicated that I would be receiving a refund for the unused portion of prorated insurance coverage provided under the above referenced policy. As of this date, I have not yet received this check. Since I have moved, I am naturally concerned that the check may have been sent […]

Agreement Letter Template

To, Recipient’s name: Recipient’s address: Date: Dear (Recipient’s name), Subject: Letter of Agreement – (State specific topic of letter) Thank you for choosing our publication house (state name; may mention any other company) in order to delegate the task of editing your autobiography (name of book or any other product). This task would include the […]

Solicited Application Letter

To, The chairman, Human Resource Department, Compu-connect Software Private Limited, Hinjewadi, Bangalore, July 31, 2010 Subject: – Application for the post of Database administrator Sir, I’m writing this application in connection to the advertisement which got published in the newspaper the Statesgraph on 25th of this month. The key skills required for this post is […]

Change in Address Application Letter

To, The chairman, Newtown municipality, Kolkata, West Bengal July 31, 2010 Subject: – Application requesting change of permanent address Sir, Most humbly this is to let you know that last month my family and I has moved to our new house addressed ‘AC-108, Tagore pally, Dharampur, Sharma Bagan, Newtown municipality, Kolkata-101, West Bengal’ from our […]

Sample Sexual Harassment Policy Letter

Sexual Harassment Policy THE COMPANY’S COMMITMENT: The Company is committed to providing a work environment that ensures that every employee is treated with dignity and respect and afforded equitable treatment. The Company is committed to promoting a work environment that is conducive to the professional growth of its employees, provides a professional atmosphere, and promotes […]