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Complaint Letters

Complaint letter is written to bring the grievance to the notice of the concerned person for corrective action. For example, you may buy a product from a good dealer, but it may malfunction on the first day of its use and you can use the complaint letter to inform the dealer about this and also […]

Response to Request for Service on Expired Warranty

Dear We are sorry to hear about the problem you have had with your (name of product) We would like to be able to make the necessary adjustments at no charge to you, but, unfortunately, the warranty is expired. The proof of purchase you mailed to us indicates that the product was purchased on (date) […]

Request for Warranty Repair

Dear The watch that is within this parcel was purchased on November 2, 2006, and is under warranty. The problem that I am encountering is that the watch fails to keep accurate time. It seems to gain approximately five minutes per hour. Please make any adjustments necessary, and return to the above address as soon […]

Request for Instructions on Parts-Only Warranty Repair

Dear This is to acknowledge our receipt of the above referenced product. If you will read our warranty for this product carefully, you will note that our one year guarantee covers parts only. Any labor required for repairs is covered for a ninety (90) day period following the date of purchase. Therefore, while there will […]

Record of Purchase Form, Warranty Registration

Dear The enclosed warranty for our product is as strong and effective as we can make it. We would appreciate your returning this record of purchase so that we will be able to assist you with any questions or problems in the use of our product. In our desire to constantly improve our products and […]