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Welcome Letter Format

To, Name of the recipient [write the name of the recipient] Address [write the address of the recipient of the letter] Date [write the date of sending the letter] Subject: [write the subject of the letter in a precise manner] Dear _____________ [write a proper salutation and a title for the recipient] First paragraph: [In […]

Welcome Letters Example

To Jennifer Crow. 23, Sunshine Tower Rose Avenue, London. 23 November 2011 Subject: Welcoming to the new work place. Dear Ms. Crow, This letter is to congratulate you on being appointed as the new manager for the sales department of our company. We found you extremely suitable for this job as per your qualifications and […]

Welcome A New Employee Letter

To, Henry Peterson, 102, Bell Tower Dallas, TX 30247 London. 13th March 2011 Dear Mr. Peterson, Subject: Welcoming you to our company I, Robert Fredrick, on behalf of our company ‘Intelco Solutions’ welcomes you as the Senior Marketing Manager. We are extremely proud and happy with the decision of hiring an employee as competent and […]

Employee Welcome Letter

To, Tom Brooks 66-2, Tulip Ave St. Marks Square, London. 23 November 2011 Subject: Welcoming to you in our company Dear Mr. Brooks, We are happy to welcome you aboard Brown & Nelson Inc. I am very happy that you have accepted our offer and agreed to join as our new plant manager. We hope […]

E-Mail Cover Letter

Mr. Ronny Coleman, Manager, Vincent Industries, Black pool, United Kingdom. Respected Mr. Coleman, I have come across your want of a mechanical engineer through your website and would like to be one of the applicants to the respectful job. I am a qualified mechanical engineer from the Harvard University 99-03 batch. I have a previous […]