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Notice to Employees of Unsatisfactory Behavior

TO: All Employees FROM: Mr. Chambers As President of this company, I was disappointed and humiliated by the behavior of some (name of firm) employees who attended the meeting on (day) The discourtesy shown to (individual) was unforgivable. Some employees not only talked incessantly during our speaker’s address but also exhibited the height of rudeness […]

Notice of Unsatisfactory Performance

NOTICE OF UNSATISFACTORY PERFORMANCE Date: _ To: _ (Employee) Confirming our meeting relative to certain unsatisfactory aspects of your performance, we expect that in the future you shall improve your performance by: _ We have every confidence the problem will not be repeated. ______________________________ Download Notice of Unsatisfactory Performance in Word Format Top Sample Letters […]

Sample Legal Office Memo

To, Distribution From, Patrick Johnson Subject: Law regarding the liability injuries caused by the contractors. This memorandum acts as a notice about the new law that is going to be in effect on 01.01.2010 in the organization. The management would like to inform abut the research and discussions done of the contractors responsible for the […]