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Promotional Letter, Health Spa

Dear (name of spa) invites you to a free visit at our health spa in order that you may witness our beautiful facility for physical fitness. You may avail yourself of our famous herbal body wrap, join our exercise classes, take a sauna, sample our swimming pool and jacuzzi, bathe in our mineral baths and […]

Attorney Termination Letter

August 7, 2010.   Ms. Janet Jackson, 142, Main Street, Chicago, USA. Dear Ms. Jackson, [Subject: Termination of Attorney] This is to inform you that you have been expelled from the legal counsel of attorneys, serving the state of Chicago, owing to your irresponsible and negligent behavior in the court premises yesterday.  Your rude argument […]

Witness Statement Letter

8th January 2011 The Judge, New Mexico State Court, Brooklyn Garden, Santa Fe, New Mexico – 467521. Respected Sir, I hereby declare that I bear an eyewitness to the transfer of ownership of the estate of Marilyn Court from Mr. Williams Jones to Mr. Kevin Mc Carthy on the 8th of January 2011 at Marilyn […]

Statement Letter For Court

7th January 2011 The Judge, Ohio State court, Ohio – 563248. Respected Sir, I am writing this statement on behalf of my client Mr. Carl Foster who has been alleged for the crime of theft committed at his colleague Mr. Jason’s house on the 4th January 2010.Having been quite a close acquaintance of my Mr. […]

Sample Law Firm Retainer Letter

Law Firm Retainer [DATE, ex. Wednesday, June 11, 1998] [NAME, COMPANY AND ADDRESS, ex. John Smith XYZ Inc. 1234 First Street Suite 567 Anycity, Anystate  85245] Dear [NAME, ex. John Smith], Re: Terms of Engagement for Legal Services We are pleased that you have referred your legal matter to this firm.  We will devote the […]