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Christmas Letter to Friend

3rd August 2010, Pooja Singh, 234, Park view Apartments, Mumbai. Dear Pooja, It is indeed very rare in these days to find true friends on whom we completely rely and trust. Yet when we find such true friends, it is also so easy to take them for granted. The real gift is the love that […]

Christmas Letter Sample

When Christmas is just around the corner, it means that it is time for the annual holiday letter to your loved ones, friends, family and colleagues.  When writing a Christmas letter, there is no specific format that you should follow.  Instead it is the combination of words that really matters.  A good Christmas letter should […]

Christmas Party Invitation Letter

Christmas is here it is finally time to celebrate This year we approach the holiday season with a fresh attitude Making merry Unwrapping the presents Will not be the same without you Therefore, we invite you To help us deck our halls with Christmas cheer Come hang ornaments and gifts on the tree To join […]

Christmas Letter

Christmas letters can be very special letters compared to any other holiday letters.  Although Christmas comes only once like many other holidays, it carries lots of weight since it is a time many people take the opportunity to remember their long lost friends, families, loved ones and other relatives.  Here is a sample Christmas letter. […]