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Request for Verification of Deposit

REQUEST FOR VERIFICATION OF DEPOSIT Applicant____________________ Address______________________ City_________________________ Loan No._____________________ Escrow No.___________________ Gentlemen: I have applied for a (form of loan) loan to be made by (name of lending institution) I shall appreciate your completing the Deposit Verification for their confidential use and forwarding it to: (name of institution) Statement of Account (address) Type of […]

Complaint Letter to Bank

From: Emily Swan 345, Main Street New Jersey To: Thomas Martin Manager Money Bank Ltd. High Street New Jersey 24th July, 2007. Ref: Account Number 12345678 Dear Mr. Martin, This is with reference to my Account Number 12345678, which has been unduly debited with $ 49 as processing fee, for an overseas transaction. I was […]

Bank Account error correction Letter

[HSBC] [poultry Street] [London] [Ec1 2BR] 20-AUG-2002 Dear Sirs: Recently, I, the undersigned, received a monthly statement from your bank that reports deposits, other credits and debits from the account. A problem was noted in the recordation of the accounting process as reflected and reported to [me (us)]. A copy of the statement is enclosed […]

Bank Statement Letter Format

To, (Name of Recipient) (Designation of Recipient) (Name of the Bank) (Name of the Branch) (Address of the Bank) Date: –/–/—- Subject: [State the reasons of this application briefly] Dear [Designation and Name of Recipient], First Paragraph: In the first paragraph, you have to state why you need the bank statement and when. Your reason […]

Request Letter for a Bank Statement

August 7, 2010. Manager, Axis Bank, Pulla Reddy Building, Begumpet Branch, Hyderabad. Respected Sir/Madam, Very warm greetings. I, Mr. Rahul Bajaj , Managing Director of Protext software solutions is a priority customer and an account holder in your bank bearing the account no. 000089671356 in your branch. The mode of my account is current account. […]