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Apology Letter To A Friend

It is difficult to say sorry in words but it’s easy to say sorry in writing, by writing you can freely say what you want in the letter without anyone interrupting you. It’s best to write a sorry letter to friend this will help you to gain his forgiveness and build your relation more strong. […]

Emotional Friendship Letter

August 6th 2010 Manish Sinha 36, Ramnagar Street Mumbai. Dear Manish, Please forgive me for quarrelling with you so badly last week. I am ashamed of myself for losing my temper over a silly reason and for calling you names. I didn’t mind that the other guys were taunting me. I only felt very bad […]

Email For Leave

Writing letters can seem to be an old-fashioned method in the day of high-tech communication gadgets. However, the written word definitely yields more power than the spoken word and can always stand up to the test of time. Writing letters can be a daunting task and it can appear more so, depending on the reasons […]