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Promotional Letter, Building Security

Dear Government sources have reported that the extent of thievery from goods in shipment ranges between $1.5 billion a year to $2.6 billion a year. They also confirm that 85% of the stolen goods leave by the front gate. Most of these losses appear under the category of “inventory shortages”, but most experts agree that […]

Annual Leave Letter

Samuel Burton, Deepwater Associates, New York 22nd July 2009 To, Richard Walters, HR Manager, Deepwater Associates, New York Dear Mr. Walters, Re. Annual Leave Letter I am writing with regard to the annual leave of four weeks that I can avail as part of my employment with this organization. I have not yet availed my […]

Employee Maternity Leave Letter

To, Diana Lawson, HR Manager, Freedom Associates, New York Dear Diana, Re. Maternity leave I wish to apply for maternity leave from 31st July 2009 and have attached the relevant form of application. As you are aware, I am pregnant and the baby is due on the 20th of August 2009. I wish to apply […]

Maternity Leave Letter

To, Michael Houston, HR Manager, Gothic Enterprises New York. Dear Michael, Re. Maternity Leave I am writing to confirm that I am pregnant and the baby is due in 21st August 2009 and I wish to avail my maternity leave from the week starting from 6th August 2009. I have not taken any annual leave […]

Employment Agreement

EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT EMPLOYEEMENT AGREEMENT by and between _ (Company), and _ (Employee). For good consideration, Company shall employ and the Employee agrees to be employed on the following terms: 1. EFFECTIVE DATE: Employment shall commence on _, 20_, time being of the essence. 2. DUTIES: Employee agrees to perform the following duties: (Describe general duties, […]