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Promotional Letter, Accountant

Dear Enclosed is your completed 2006 Tax Return and a copy for your records. Please sign the return where we have indicated, enclose your check in the amount of $ and forward to the IRS. I believe that we could be very helpful in reducing your tax liability for the coming year if we were […]

Resignation letter notice

To Mr. James King, CEO, Sigma Industries, Nebraska Dear Mr. King, It has been a pleasure working with your industry for the past four years. I have gained valuable exposure and experience under the guidance of seniors working in the company. I regret to inform to you that I might be considering leaving the company. […]

Sample Accounting Executive Resume

Accountanting Executive This is a sample executive resume for your reference. It’s easy for you to create a resume if you are applying for the post of Account Executive. The sample includes pretended names & addresses in such a format that gives an idea how to create an executive accountant resume. Hope you find it […]