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Contract 2 Goods

CONTRACT FOR SALE OF GOODS Agreement made and entered into this (date) , by and between (name of seller), of (address) (city) , (state) , herein referred to as “Seller”, and (name of buyer) , of (address) (city) , (state) , herein referred to as “Buyer”. Seller hereby agrees to transfer and deliver to buyer, […]

Contract 1 Goods

CONTRACT THIS AGREEMENT, made and entered into this ___ day of _________, l98_, by and between ___________________, the Seller, and ___________________, the Buyer: 1. The seller hereby undertakes to transfer and deliver to the buyer on or before __________, l98_, the following described goods: 2. The buyer hereby undertakes to accept the goods and pay […]

Confirmation of Verbal Order

CONFIRMATION OF VERBAL ORDER Date: _ To: _ (Supplier) This letter shall confirm your acceptance of verbal order communicated to you on _. A copy of our purchase order containing the state terms is attached. Unless we receive objection within ten days of your receipt of this order, we shall expect delivery of all ordered […]

Sales contract

This Agreement is made on the <Day> day of <Month>, <Year> between <Name of buyer>, <of> <Full Address of Buyer> (“Buyer”) and <Name of Seller>, <of> <Full Address of Seller> (“Seller”). Seller hereby agrees to sell and deliver <delivery terms> to Buyer, on or before <delivery deadline>, the following: <Description of Goods.> Buyer agrees to […]

Proposal Letter To Company

August 10, 2010 SAP Group, Cape Town, 59162- Collos. Hello sir, As per your requirement we are sending the proposal to you. We shall prepare 1500 new generation books for publication by you, combining materials from different ABC series to form a new series targeting the present market. The cost of production of this new […]