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Poetic Friendship Letter

Ms. Poushali Mahapatra Mariahu P O Katghar Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh November 16, 2010 Ms. Gulika Joshipura G.T. Road, I.I.T. Kanpur Kanpur, 208016 Dearest friend, You are to me, one of a kind. A very, very special friend of mine. Someone who cares and loves in such a way That makes me feel so warm and […]

Friendship Day Letter

Prie Langdon, 711, Princely Street, New Hampton, England. Dear Prie, How are you? I am doing well. Today is international friendship day. On this very special day, I want to wish my very special friend, ‘A Happy Friendship day’.  Though I am miles away from you, I have never been far from your heart.  It […]

Good Bye Friendship Letter

Ricky Thomas 450, Down Town Alley, Lalton square, Italy-876011. Dear Ricky, How are you? I am doing well. As you know that my dad works in a marketing firm, he gets transferred so often. Now this time he got transferred to Paris.  He has to join as early as possible and so even we have […]

Hilarious Friendship Day Letter

Michael Steven #301, Sherton Road, Princeton, Holland. Hi dude, What’s up? You seem to have forgotten me? I am doing great as usual.  To day is international friendship day. So let me wish you a happy friend ship day! Last year we were together and this year we are miles apart. Any way that’s ok…hey, […]

Friend Thank you Letter

To: Pooja Singh 234, Park View Apartments Mumbai. 23rd March, 2005. Dear Pooja, It is indeed very rare in this day and age to find true friends on whom we can completely rely and trust. Yet, when we do find such true friends, it is also so easy to take them for granted. But today […]