Job Letter Format


Name (Write the name of the Job Seeker)

Address (Mention the complete address of the Job Seeker)

City/ State (Write down the name of the city and state)

PIN Code (It is suggested to mention the pin code)

Dear/Respected Sir/ Ma’am, (Give proper salutation; you may address the person with Sir/ Ma’am or Mr. /Ms. / Mrs. Last Name)

Subject: Mention the reason of writing the letter in one line

First Paragraph: Introduce your self and tell the recipient as to where you got information about him/ her and the reason for writing the letter.

Second Paragraph: Tell him/her as to why you feel he/ she is suitable for this position.

Third Paragraph: Invite the candidate for the interview giving him/ her details about the place and timings of the interview.

Thanking you, (You may even write Thanks and Regards or Warm Regards)

Name (Name of the sender)

One thought on “Job Letter Format

  1. hey i need some help in creating an application letter regarding joining on a ship as a gp rating and i have to attach allother certificates and document.

    and my dad had also been serving on the ships from this company so i can get refrance from this company .

    so just help me creat a best application letter to join a company.

    thank you

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