Fundraising Letters

Fundraising letter is asking for help from the reader for your cause or mission. Fundraising is done to help the needy people. Fundraising can be done for school uniform, clothes or food to orphanage, to organize events for noble cause.

The purpose behind the Fundraising letter is to attract people to sponsor or donate.

Start your letter with brief introduction, let the letter be specific means let the reader know whether you are asking help for money, time or service and explain how it will be beneficial for the affected parties.

Make sure that you write all the details regarding your program, your funds required, how will you utilize the funds.

Mention about the benefits that you’re fundraising will do to the needy people. This might convince the reader to donate for the event.

Also include about the money that you expect the reader to donate or range in which donation will be appreciable.

Proof read your letter before forwarding.

If there is any person who regularly donates send thank you letter so that the person keep donating.


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