Builders Complaint Letter

Steven Martinez,

Managing Director,

New Builders Inc,

New York-11701

June 08, 2011

Richard White,

563, Amityville,

New York-11701

Dear Mr. Steven,

I would like to make complaint against your project in the city that you have planned. I would like to make you aware that the place where you have planned your project to be completed is a green zone. I you do the project on such place then it will affect the environment and will cause some problems to the residents around this place.

I would like to suggest you to change the location of your upcoming project. There are several places available which you can choose for your project.

I hope you will give due consideration to my complaint and will change your decision and will affect the environment. If the machinery is not displaced from that place within fifteen days then your project will liable to face a suit in the court.

Thanking You,


Richard White

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One thought on “Builders Complaint Letter

  1. I have problem in my flat
    1 water problem
    2 electricity problem
    3 water leakage in wall
    4 wall is damaged and leakage water

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