Christmas Letter to Mom

June 2, 2012
Name/Title Mary Roe
Address 795 E Dragram
City, State, Zip Code Tucson, AZ, 85705

Dear Mom,

I am writing this letter to wish you Merry Christmas mom, I am sorry for not being with you this year. I am feeling very bad about it.

From the day I am born you are giving me everything that I want, but this Christmas I am sending you a small gift from my first salary. Hope you like it. You are the most special person for me on this earth. I can never forget the moment that I had with you. Whatever you have done for me all your life I can never forget.

I want to give you all the love and happiness of this world. I want your blessings for a successful life and I pray that you are blessed with good health. I will be back soon.

Your loving son,

Neil D Souza


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