Certification Letters

4th June, 2012

Certification letter is to confirm or verify that the individual was working with your firm. You can write about the qualities of the person, write about designation he was working for. If there is any achievement to be mentioned please do so. Certification can be given by certify authorities.

  • A certification letter needs to be used by the person who is authorized to do so, he certifies that the information given by the individual is correct or not.
  • Certification letter are usually demanded by college, past employer, school, bank.
  • It should be written in formal and professional way
  • The certification letter is token of appreciate the work of the individual.
  • If possible letter certification should be on company letterhead which will be more authentic.
  • Letter can be address to Mr or Mrs. But when you don’t know whom to write, “To whomsoever it may concern” can be written.
  • At the end of letter mention about your contact number in case if any information is required.


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