Business Refund Letter

June 2, 2012
Name/Title Mary Roe
Address 795 E Dragram
City, State, Zip Code Tucson, AZ, 85705

Subject: Refund for the amount paid for the project

Respected Mr. Penn,

This is in regards to the flat which is booked in our new project. We would like to refund you the down payment that you have done for the flat.

We promised to finish the project by one year and give you the possession, but failed to do so as there is some legal issue that we because of which project have come on hold. Therefore we are refunding the money to you.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.  If there is anything that we can help you please let us know, you can contact us on 123-4556-7890.


Rick Martin

Garry Productions

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