Medical Insurance Appeal Letter

Daniel Thompson,

856, Benson,


June 07, 2011

Arizona Insurance Company,


Dear Sir/Madam,

I have made application of medical insurance of my health with your company in the last month. I had chosen Keep Healthy Plan of your company in the application. I stunned when I saw your letter that my application for the health insurance has been rejected by you.

I have submitted the application in the duly filled form and also submitted various documents with application as required for the insurance policy. I am still confused about the reason because of which my application has been rejected.

I hereby appeal you to reconsider my application for the medical insurance. I hope that the reconsideration of application may change your decision of rejection of my application for the medical insurance. I am also a health person and not suffering any disease which can make to reject my application.

I would appreciate for the earlier response to my appeal.

Thank You,

Yours faithfully,

Daniel Thompson

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