Apology Letters

2nd June, 2012

Apology letter is know to be the best source of saying sorry, a verbal apology may not work that well than written apology. An apology letter should be written in regret tone. If an apology letter is written to customer from company it should be in official way but if boyfriend is apologizing to girlfriend the letter can be written in personal way.

If the letter written is not showing the sincerity then it may add insult to the injury. Most important is timing of letter written. If you have made any mistake that needs to be apologies, write it as soon as possible. The letter will carry no value if it’s written late.

While writing a formal letter do not use words like “Oh I am sorry” or “how stupid I was”. Keep the formal style while writing.

Write the reason of the mistake done, apologies for it and assure the person that mistake will not be repeated. Let the letter be straight, sincere, and simple. At the end of the letter apologies once again.


Top Sample Letters terms:

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