Admission Rejection Letter

Date 2nd June, 2012

Name/Title Mary Roe
Address 795 E Dragram
City, State, Zip Code Tucson, AZ, 85705

Dear (name of receiver),

This is regards to your letter dated 23rd April, We are sorry to inform you that we will not be able to accept your application for admission in our college.

As per our criteria our closing for score is 80% and your score is 75%, therefore you cannot apply with us. If there is any student who will not take admission as per the final list we will consider your application.

Please feel free for any clarification, you can contact at 123-456-7890. We wish you to have a better career and life.

Best regards,

(Name of the sender and position in school/university)

(Put the name of the school/university)

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